Fitness Center Jobs in Kuwait

Fitness Center Attendant Jobs in Kuwait

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A Fitness Center, otherwise called an exercise center, is an outside or secured area for vaulting, sports, and gymnastic administrations. The word is gotten from the antiquated Greek gymnasium. They are generally found in athletic and wellness focuses, and as action and learning spacesin instructive organizations. “Rec center” is likewise slang for “wellness focus”, which is regularly an indoor office.

Fitness Center mechanical assembly, for example, barbells, parallel bars, bouncing board, running way, tennis-balls, cricket field, fencing region, et cetera are utilized as activities. In safe climate, outside areas are the most helpful for health.

This Fitness Center additionally had educators of knowledge and reasoning. Group gymnastic occasions were done as a major aspect of the festivals amid different town celebrations. In old Greece there was an expression of scorn, “He can neither swim nor compose.” After a while, be that as it may, Olympic competitors started preparing in structures only for them. Group wears never moved toward becoming as prominent among antiquated Romans as it had among the old Greeks. Rec centers were utilized more as an arrangement for military administration or observer sports.

At that point in the eighteenth century, Salzmann, German minister, opened a rec center in Thuringia educating substantial activities, including running and swimming. Clias and Volker set up exercise centers in London, and in 1825, Doctor Beck, a German foreigner, built up the main recreation center in the United States. It was discovered that rec center understudies lose enthusiasm for doing likewise works out, halfway as a result of age. Assortment in practices included skating, moving, and swimming.

Job Summary

Under the heading of the Fitness Center Lead, the Fitness Center Attendant executes and guarantees day by day activities are executed according to built up policies and practices. Guarantees the offices stay clean and they advance a well disposed air, by helping benefactors with their inquiries and hardware needs.


  • Customer Service/Public Relations in a wellness write office.
  • Must have the capacity to convey smoothly in English, both composed and talked.
  • Position requires broad collaboration with an extensive client base with the capacity to deal with client issues.
  • Keeps up precise occasion/office participation records for programs.
  • Keeps up exact occasion/office participation records for programs.
  • Handles phone request, welcomes guests, and gives data.
  • Helps with uncommon occasions inside the segment and division.
  • Reports all mischances and guarantees that casualties get appropriate care
  • Ensures security and responsibility of both government outfitted and disposable gear/property.
  • Ensures neatness/serviceability of gear and look at things.
  • Ensure that perfect towels are close by in adequate amounts and promptly accessible to help wellness focus supporters.
  • Ensures that all standards, directions and well being hones are legitimately authorized to incorporate general
  • Performs different obligations as required and coordinated by MWR Management. Obligations incorporate yet not limited to: helping other office areas to guarantee mission necessities, working distinctive move examples, and cross leveling into various MWR occupations titles and obligations when coordinated.
  • Must be accessible to perform different obligations as allotted.
  • Must be accessible to work any/all movements as required.
  • Must work on vacations, short notification, all shifts, extra time and allotted to any MWR area in Kuwait. Get-away booking will likewise be directed by mission necessities.
  • Performs different obligations as required.

Material Required for this job

PC, workstations, scanners, printers, faxes, other system gear and other general office hardware. Incidental wellness and exercise hardware



  • One year related experience might be substituted for one year of training, if degree is required.
  • Secondary School graduate or proportional.
  • CPR/AED and First Aid accreditation from a broadly/globally certify office is required inside 60 days of contract.


Must have general information base of well being and work out schedules and hardware. No less than 1 year client benefit field involvement.


  • Must show solid association and relational abilities.
  • Prepared to do adequately conveying specialized data in English, both composed and verbal.
  • Must be able to rapidly tackle issues.
  • Must have unrivaled hierarchical aptitudes, working in a quick paced, on-request condition. Requires solid relational aptitudes to work with inward and outer clients.
  • Requires a community oriented work style, encouraging collaboration and cooperation.
  • Must have the capacity to practice carefulness and decision making ability.


Works in a general office condition. Be that as it may, obligations will include the lead of work in the outside with a potential introduction to outrageous climatic conditions including incessant tidy tempests, and high temperatures – up to 130 degrees in the late spring months. Potential presentation to substance or organic operators could exist. Worker utilization of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in specific regions is required. Such PPE incorporates however isn’t restricted to head, foot, hand, middle, respiratory, vision and hearing defensive gadgets. They should consent to all Fire, Safety and Post approaches. Ordinary work week is 48 hours, however should have the capacity to work additional time or evenings as required.


Work may require hard work up, stooping, climbing, delayed standing, delayed sitting, and working with or in regions where a potential could exist for presentation to physical, substance or natural specialists.

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