Auto Technician Jobs in Dubai

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Auto Technician Jobs in Dubai

An auto technician (car expert in a large portion of North America, auto technician in British English, and engine repairman in Australian English) is a repairman with an assortment of car makes or either in a particular region or in a particular make of car. In repairing autos, their fundamental part is to analyze the issue precisely and rapidly. They frequently need to cite costs for their client’s previously starting work or after incomplete dismantling for examination. Their activity may include the repair of a particular part or the substitution of at least one section as congregations.

Essential vehicle support is a principal part of a repairman’s work in current industrialized nations while in others they are just counseled when a vehicle is as of now hinting at breakdown. Deterrent support is likewise a crucial piece of a technician’s activity, yet this isn’t conceivable on account of vehicles that are not routinely kept up by a workman. One misconstrued part of deterrent upkeep is planned substitution of different parts, which happens before inability to dodge much more costly harm. Since this implies parts are supplanted before any issue is watched, numerous vehicle proprietors won’t comprehend why the cost is fundamental.

With the fast headway in innovation, the technician’s activity has developed from simply mechanical, to incorporate electronic innovation. Since vehicles today have complex PC and electronic frameworks, mechanics need a more extensive base of information than before


The 12V/24V Installation and Service Technician is a key colleague, answering to the Field Manager and nearly associating with our planning group. This part is in charge of the establishment and repair of GPS Fleet Tracking/AVL/Telematics Equipment into client vehicles of various types.

Requirements for the job

Ought to know about wiring of light vehicles (auto, van and so on) and overwhelming vehicles (Lorries, transports and mentors)

Key Requirements

  • Knowledge about starts, alerts, immobilizers and GPS beacons.
  • Knowledge of understanding makers’ circuit charts and manuals
  • They must be comfortable with how wires function and how they must be set in a vehicle.
  • They likewise need to know the sort of wiring systems to use for the different parts they work with.
  • They should be great at testing hardware and the PCs they use in mapping out electrical pathways and finding electronic issues or glitches in the framework.
  • They must have the capacity to disguise, and additionally effectively reassemble vehicle parts back together.
  • They should have the capacity to comprehend the hardware introduced in every unit. They have to ensure the hardware is completely useful and clean, and also ensuring it is associated with the car’s fundamental power source.
  • Auto electrical experts likewise utilize meters and circuit graphs to look for broken parts of vehicles.

A key factor in our enrolling exertion is to discover a competitor that has a solid arrangement with our center esteems and our dynamic organization culture. We carry out our employments well and have a ton of fun doing them.

  • Accountability
  • Associated Tasks

Item Installation

Establishment of electronic items (AVL, telematics, versatile gadgets, route gear, correspondence hardware, and security/remote begin/following equipment).Outdoor work required frequently in every climate condition.


Successfully analyze/repair issues with electronic items (AVL, telematics, versatile hardware, route gear, correspondence gear, and security/remote begin/following gear).

Deals Process Support

Now and again, bolster the business group with the execution of new requests and administration of new and existing clients.

Item Knowledge

Go to all planned item training sessions to remain exceptional on current items and administrations.

Phone/Email Reception

Get and react to all phone and email request. Day by day work updates and work sheets must be submitted preceding the finish of every day.

Association and Cleanliness

In charge of the tidiness and association of all doled out field stock, organization allocated gear, regalia, workstation, cell phone, and vehicle.

Dubai is tied in with helping our clients better deal with their armada vehicles and remote hardware of various kinds. We are an aggregate group of devotees that are energetic about giving an abnormal state of client administration and best quality, forefront portable electronic gear.

Work Type: Full Time

Area: Based in Dubai – around 20% overnight and away travel required.

Pay: Pay extend is proportionate with experience and aptitudes, both for establishment and association. A 90-day time for testing is obligatory, after which full business is advertised.

Remarks: Strong probability of progression as organization development proceeds, in view of occupation execution and execution of results.

Driving license is required along with visa.

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