Waiter Jobs in Dubai

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Waiter Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is a place where there are a lot of hotels and restaurants. Dubai has a large number of tourists who go to different 5 star and 7 star hotels. Dubai is always in need of waiters and hotel staff from other countries, always. If you want to go to Dubai for the job of waiter, this article is for you. It has all the necessary information you need.


To set up the feasting corridor before benefit and keep up it clean, compose and new, notwithstanding his unique undertaking in serving the customers.

Responsibilities of Waiter Jobs in Dubai

You should Know how to utilize the IDS POS money framework. Draw up solicitations toward the finish of the working day. Revise booking and getting the money for up if vital for all administrations gave. Booking of all exchanges. Visit Visa proffered-Good information in Hotel activities Good Knowledge about sustenance menu. Know how to work all the specialized gear which should be utilized Take requests and serve dinners Assist clients with any solicitations they have-Prepare tables for suppers and clean the tables after clients leave Job Type: Full-time

Obligations and basic employment capacities incorporate yet are not restricted to the accompanying:

  • Read day by day occasions, to recognize any VIP’s entries.
  • Must know all menu things, their embellishments, substance and readiness techniques and have the capacity to transfer that data to visitors in a respectful and succinct way if inquired
  • Present youngsters’ menus when proper, and depict specials and elective cooking
  • Serve and clear sustenance and drink things in an inconspicuous and expert way
  • Utilize the POS framework to ring up deals, print checks, close looks at and finish money techniques
  • Carry plate, clean and reset dining areas with material, china, glass and silver
  • Ascertain visitors’ fulfillment and handle any issue which may emerge, educating a chief of the issue and how it was settled
  • Follow money and Visa strategies as per the rules of the bookkeeping office
  • Maintain a spotless, slick and systematic eatery all through administration
  • Polish silver, refill salt, pepper and sugar, flavors, and so on
  • Ensure that work station is supplied with fitting fixings consistently
  • Report any visitor remarks in regards to sustenance and refreshment to director
  • Conscientious taking care of and support of working gear
  • Learn and hold fast to security, sanitation and cleanliness arrangements
  • Maintain great working associations with partners, and every single other office
  • Maintain finish learning of all F&B administrations, outlets and lodging administrations/highlights
  • Perform opening/shutting side obligations as alloted and set all tables as indicated by measures
  • Report to administrator any sorts of deviation from set standard and methodology
  • Ensure that all administration and capacity regions are remained careful and clean
  • Help limit squander, disregard, breakages and misusing of provisions and gear
  • Carry out light cleaning and upkeep of the outlet
  • Assist other Food and Beverage Outlets in their activities amid crest hours if necessary

Individual Attributes for waiter jobs in Dubai

  • Average perusing, composing and oral capability in the English dialect
  • Must be first rate and professionally prepped constantly
  • Able to record and handle money viably and productively
  • Good correspondence and client contact aptitudes; great issue determination abilities
  • Basic F&B item learning
  • Team player with solid relational aptitudes and meticulousness
  • Assist in the eatery cleaning toward the beginning of the day
  • Clean all administration utensils before each administration.
  • Help chief server in the eatery set up.
  • Keep his/her appearance clean and keep up a high cleanliness level.
  • Help skipper server in miser en put planning.
  • Transport nourishment from kitchen to eating lobby.
  • Assist skipper server putting the sustenance plates on customers table
  • Changing ashtrays and fill glasses with water amid benefit.
  • Clear the table after supper is done and cleans it.
  • Transport every single grimy plate, glasses to the dishwashing zone.
  • Work under the direction of commander server and takes after his/her guidelines.
  • Good individual introduction aptitudes
  • Friendly, gracious and supportive
  • Patient and political when managing protestations
  • Flexibility and unwavering quality, with an ability to work ends of the week and nights
  • Stamina and productivity
  • Good memory
  • Excellent correspondence aptitude
  • Able to fill in as a component of a group
  • Minimum of 2 years works involvement in eateries.


  • Secondary training


  • Minimum 1-year sustenance and refreshment serving background
  • Previous open contact and additionally cashiering knowledge


You will be mindful to give a superb and reliable level of administration to your clients. The Waiter/Waitress is mindful to serve Food and Beverage to visitors in the doled out Place of Work, give an affable, proficient, effective and adaptable administration with a specific end goal to amplify visitor fulfillment.

In a perfect world with an important degree or confirmation in Hospitality or Tourism administration. Least 2 years work involvement in inn activities. Great client administration, correspondences and relational abilities are an absolute necessity.

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